Definition of Done for Fed-BioMed

v1.2 - 2023-10-16

The Definition of Done is a set of items that must be completed and quality measures that must be met, before a task or a user story can be considered complete. The DoD gives the team a shared understanding of the work that was completed.

Validate CI

  • Pass CI build tests
  • Make sure documentation test build process is passed. Changes in docstring and documentation impacts documentation build process.

Review of the code

The reviewer can question any aspect of the increment in coherence with Usage and Tools, exchange with the developer (good practice : leave a github trace of the exchanges), approve it or not.

  • Be specific in the pull request about what to review (critical code or properties of the code).
  • Coding style: inspire from PEP-8.
  • Understand the code and try to detect bugs.
  • Remove detected bugs.



  • Comment critical or difficult points in the code; obvious lines (eg: tests) are excluded from comments.
  • Add FIXME or TODO tags for any detected bugs or improvements that are technically beyond the scope of the pull request.
  • Write minimal comments in the code (docstring) for a function or a class: parameters and typing, return, purpose of the class or the function.

User/Developer Docs

  • Add API reference in docs/developer/api if there is a new module introduced.
  • Write minimal documentation for scripts (separate README file) or notebooks (inside the notebook).
  • Update/Add documentation in docs if there is a new feature or change in API that impacts the content or examples in documentation.

Write unit-test for the code

  • Focus on pure unit tests, no integration tests for now.
  • Be clever : put reasonable effort on writing tests. Current target of unit tests is to reach 100% coverage of code, with reasonably clever functional coverage. When tests are too complicated to write, don't write them (until we consider code is mature enough to have hgher tests requirements).
  • Add unit test when correcting a bug.

Please refer to the guide of unit testing practices before starting to write or to modify the unit tests in Fed-BioMed.

Post-merge actions

After merging:

  • close the pull request
  • update the issue
  • if the pull request terminates the issue, mark the issue as done and close it.