Fed-BioMed deployment scenarios

Fed-BioMed can be deployed in different ways:

  • single-machine (nodes and researcher run on the same machine) or multiple-machine
  • with or without containers (each component runs in its docker container) plus VPN (all communications between components are tunneled in a WireGuard VPN with mutual authentication of the VPN endpoints)

Choose a scenario depending on the context and requirements:

  • Single-machine without VPN/containers is the basic simple installation scenario described in the introduction tutorials. Use cases include: newcomer testing Fed-BioMed software ; FL researcher designing and testing FL methods with (non sensitive) data on the laptop ; software developer contributing to Fed-BioMed.

  • Single-machine with VPN/containers deployment is briefly described here. The use case is the simplified testing of the VPN/containers facility (eg for testing purpose or integration tests).

  • Multiple-machine without VPN/containers deployment is briefly described here. This should only be used when components are connected through a highly secure network.

  • Multiple-machine with VPN/containers deployment is documented here. Most real-life deployments use this scenario to protect node data and communications between components. Typical deployment includes a secure federation server and one node for each data provider site.

Check the security model and network communications to understand which scenario fits your needs.